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The loudest fart sounds like a motor vehicle. A weaker one sounds like a train. The weakest fart is a silent killer.

Chatur Ramanlingam (also known as Silencer) is an alumnus at the Imperial College of Engineering in Delhi. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.


It's known that he is born in Uganda and his education is in Puducherry, therefore being "little slow" in Hindi.


Chatur Ramalingam was standing in the campus waiting for Farhan and Raju to come to see Rancho with him. When they came Rancho vanished. Raju asked where Rancho was, but Chatur just decided to show off about how rich he was, which however didn't interest them. Later he agreed to drive both the people to Shimla, to find Rancho.

Past Life[]

Throughout the college experience, Chatur always had the vision of being "successful". His definition of success was topping in class and being above everyone else. He would study the hardest compared to other students, about 16 hours a day while distracting others' in attempt to set them to lower standards. Unlike Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad (who himself chased excellence and attended college for the joy of learning), Chatur believed memorisation was the key to success. In the machine class, Chatur fluently but blindly repeated the textbook definition after Rancho's simple definition had been rejected by the professor. Chatur's definition ended up satisfying the universities expectations, of using textbook answers in exams.

Chatur remained an adversary to the main gang but his potential made him a model student to college director Viru Sahastrabuddhe.

The Speech[]

Chatur had confidently elected to present a speech during Teacher's Day. Due to Chatur's limited Hindi fluency and the need to impress Virus, the librarian "Duby" agreed to write the speech for him in Highbrow (very sophisticated) Hindi. Rancho had used this as an opportunity to hold out Chatur's study strategies, and to confront Raju Rastogi to not follow the strategy of cramming blindly. This led to Rancho's idea of quietly modifying the speech by means of replacing few key words to inappropriate substitutes (like Chamatkar (miracles) to Balatkar (rape) and Dhan (money) to Stan (tits)). In the process, Rancho distracted the Librarian by misleadingly telling him that Virus wanted to speak to him and distracted Chatur by means of a prank call. Rancho had then handed out the speech to Chatur, who then continued to memorize his speech.

In the speech, Chatur's introduction was very optimistic. Although he used the Librarian's vocabulary, he portrayed his own enthusiastic voice. However, as the speech transitioned to the inappropriate segments, the students cheered and laughed, but the professors felt enraged and disgusted. At the same time the Librarian held grudges and eventually fainted.

The speech ended with Virus jostling Chatur aggressively and kicking him in the ass, humiliating him. This led to Chatur's enragement towards Rancho and his friends, having eventually figured out the nature of the speech, and for knowing that they were responsible for modifying it. Rancho had tried to confront Chatur, challenging his methods and providing the advice he gave all his friends, to "chase excellence, not success". Chatur however still believed his methods were superior, and confidentally carved the date (September 5) on a wall of the campus tower, with plans to reunite with the gang 10 years later to find out who is the most successful student after all.

Post Speech[]

During the exams, Rancho and Farhan and Raju made it late due to an emergency and finished last. During results day, Chatur held grudges and continued to show frustration about ranking second, despite his significant desires to top. Rancho ended up coming first place in the leaderboard, although his friends Farhan and Raju came last.

Chatur always tried to remain the "best" person, even in terms of his behavior and would always try to follow the rules. In class, after Farhan and Raju returned from a drunken stupor, Chatur sniffed a rum bottle and snitched, showing it to Virus as evidence for Raju's behavior.

During the final year of college, Chatur felt disappointed, having not achieved his student of the year position. This was instead achieved by Rancho.


Chatur was known standing in the college campus water tower 5 years. He invited Farhan and Raju there by convincing them that Rancho is around. However, Rancho was not around when the two arrived. Instead, Chatur had bragged about his wealth and success to Farhan and Raju, until they threatened Chatur to help them look for Rancho. Chatur agreed and helped them drive around India to search for him. However, he eventually became a pain in the ass due to his continuous selfish intentions to meet a 400 patent scientist, Phunsukh Wangdu. During the rides towards the end of the movie, Chatur remained gagged.

At the end of the film, Pia then Farhan, Raju and eventually Chatur reunited with Rancho in the sandbar. Initially, Chatur ridiculed Rancho with an assumption that he was just a primary teacher, which to him, went beneath Chatur's feelings of success and wealth. Therefore, Chatur took back the pen Rancho had won from Virus and continued to ridicule Rancho and brag about his own achievements, including his financial status. However, it turned out Rancho was actually the scientist Phunsukh Wangdu in disguise. Chatur was therefore taken aback, and ended up feeling inferior himself, however feeling happy for "Rancho's" success. Chatur had assured Rancho that he is capable of doing great things and that he would have the potential to change the world. The movie ended with Chatur giving back Rancho's pen and lowering his pants, causing everyone to run away. This was the arc of the movie: correctly proving Rancho's point: "Chase excellence. Success will chase YOU pants down."