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Pia Sahastrabuddhe was the youngest daughter of the college director. She was the one that pursued to be a doctor from her dad Viru Sahastrabuddhe. She showed strong fondness and passion for Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad while also being engaged to a manipulative husband Suhas Tandon. Pia had initially hated Rancho for his advice not to marry Suhas, as well as his crazy behavior modifying Chatur's speech which ended up mentioning inappropriate things about her dad.

After Suhas had purchased her a luxury limited edition watch, Rancho proved that he was a true asshole by confiscating her watch, tricking Suhas into thinking Pia lost it. Pia, feeling crushed at his unfair, possessive behavior, blatantly called him an "ass". This as a result allowed Pia to truly love Rancho.

Being a medical student, she was also shown to be helping others during tough situations, such as a medical emergency between Raju's father, and the effects of Raju's suicide: Bleeding, being in a coma and experiencing shock after waking up. Finally Pia had helped her sister Mona deliver her baby during a severe storm by means of a video chat, given their inability to make it to a hospital.

Pia was not only fond of Rancho, but also his friends. In fact when her father had unfairly manipulated their exam papers to prevent them from graduating, drunken Pia provided the key to his office, quietly allowing them to steal the exam papers.

Present Times

Despite Pia's past affairs with Rancho after finding her ex-fiance Suhas an asshole, it turned out that Pia was yet again engaged to Suhas, in fact presently getting ready for her wedding. Farhan and Raju planned to do their part (like Rancho had earlier) to stop her from marrying him. They did so by dressing up as wedding guests (similar to what they did in the older sister Mona's wedding years ago). However, Pia refused this time, and was convinced that Suhas has changed from the asshole she remembered him to be earlier. Raju had disguised himself as a servant, and had falsely accused another servant for "being too slow". This allowed Raju to perform housekeeping duties, such as ironing Suhas' coat. Raju had dipped the iron over chutnee (mint sauce) and applied it to Suhas' expensive coat (which he planned to wear for the wedding), creating a large, almost permanent stain. This ended up proving Suhas' past 'insufferable' personality: reacting aggressively to the mint stain and referencing the 'high' price of his coat in front of Pia. Raju had escaped downstairs, with a false promise that he would return the coat in a clean state. Pia felt taken aback, but was still convinced on marrying Suhas, with a different view that it would be "too late" to change her mind.

When Pia went down to the altar, Raju concealed his face and followed her, continuing to dissuade Pia from marrying Suhas. Although Pia felt it was too late, Raju still convinced her that she would regret it later if she continued the marriage given Rancho was around. Meanwhile, Suhas desperately asked another servant upstairs for where "housekeeping" (Raju) was, given his earlier promise to clean and return the mint-sauce stained coat. The other servant was suspicious about Suhas' presence upstairs as he had found 'someone' down at the altar (which should have been Suhas, but was instead Raju). Down at the altar, Pia was still embarrassed at Raju's idea of escaping the wedding. Therefore, Raju confidentally revealed himself to the crowd in attempt to embarrass Pia, and to convince her that people will forget about the situation. As a result, Virus was once again taken aback at Raju's presence, perhaps remembering the last time he and his friends had barged into his daughters wedding. Suhas had then followed on downstairs and found out that it was "housekeeping" (Raju) down at the altar. Having been caught by both of them, Pia finally agreed to hold Raju's hand and flee from the wedding with him towards Farhan's car, where they continued their journey to find Rancho. Virus and the crowd observed the situation in dismay, and forced the ceremony music to a halt. In the car, Farhan had mentioned about his uncertainty of Rancho's marital status, putting Pia in panic after the trouble she had taken to flee from Suhas' wedding.


Pia was the first to reunite with Rancho in the sandbar. She had initially slapped Rancho (who had repeated his confessions from 10 years ago) due to him not telling her he left. However once that recovered, Rancho and Pia shared their kiss after years, also thinking about life after they marry. Pia agreed to marry Rancho, yet was disgusted by the idea of changing her name after marriage, even after figuring out Rancho was actually "Phunsukh Wangdu".

The film ended with her running away from Chatur with the gang.

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