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Ranchoddas Chanchad
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ranchoddas Chanchad is introduced as a rich man with the same degree and name as Rancho (Chhote).Chhote/Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad is noted to work as his family's gardener at the past. 10 years later, Farhan and Raju realized that he had the answer to where Ranchoddas was and attempted to ask him about Rancho's whereabouts.


From his short span of time shown throughout the movie, Rancchodas is shown to be an understanding and kind man. This is shown from his willingness to tell Raju and Farhan about Rancho(Chhote)'s background.

In the flashback, Ranchoddas is also shown to be rather lazy, happily giving his homeworks and tests for Chhote to do up to the point of giving him permission to go to university on his place. This part of him makes him less 'smarter' than Rancho which is shown by how Farhan and Raju managed to trick and threaten him to give them information about Rancho's past with ease.


Rancchodas was first shown when Raju and Farhan ran to Rancho's home in order to search for him. The two of them mistook Ranchoddas for the Rancho they're searching for, ending up in a confusion within all of the three characters.

In his first appearance, Rancchodas is shown to be upset over his father's death. He gives out little to no care on Farhan and Raju's confusion and ignores them as he grieves on his father's death. At that moment, Farhan and Raju noticed the diploma hung on the living room wall of Rancchodas's house, showing their best friend's name, but at the same time they noticed their graduation photograph only to find out that Rancho's picture is replaced with another person's picture on the photograph.

On confusion, Farhan and Raju went out of the house, only to realize that Ranchoddas might be their only trace to find their best friend Rancho. So, they, along with Chatur went back to Rancchodas's house to ask him about their friend.

At this moment, Rancchodas is shown to still grieve over his father's death, asking for forgiveness to his late father's urn for not being able to fulfill his wish.He was about to take the urn of his father to the sacred river, but grew surprised when he saw both Farhan and Raju, along with Chatur, appearing out of nowhere in his house. With that, Rancchodas took a gun, threatening that he would shot Farhan, Raju, and Chatur should they come closer. Chatur instantly retreated, but Farhan and Raju stayed, making a plan to steal his father's urn and threaten Rancchodas with it instead. To his dismay, both Farhan and Raju took his father's urn and ran to the toilet, asking him spill everything about Rancho and what happened to him unless he wants to see his father's ash in the toilet. On desperation, Rancchodas gave up and told everything about Rancho. Afterwards, he gave Farhan and Raju an adress to Rancho's location.