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Suhas Tandon was a man who Pia Sahastrabuddhe was engaged with. He was known for his materialism, possessing expensive brands and products- not just on himself but also on Pia. When Rancho broke into a wedding, he overheard Suhas accusing Pia of wearing her "ugly eighteenth century watch" and claiming that it would look bad on his personal image. Rancho, feeling disgusted by that accusation, confidently approached Pia for the first time and dissuaded her from marrying him. Pia disapproved that, but Rancho proved himself correct by pouring 'chutnee' (mint sauce) onto his leather shoes to prove that he is only a 'price tag' who openly announces the price of his material possessions. Pia's mind however changed after Suhas bought her a luxury limited edition watch which she was never used to having. Rancho again proved that 'insincere' act by means of confiscating her watch and tricking Suhas into the idea that she 'lost' it. Suhas felt enraged and coerced Pia to look for the watch so that she does not have to wear her "eighteenth century piece of junk". Pia felt crushed by that possessive behavior and returned the new watch to him, blatantly calling him an 'ass'.

Ten years later, Pia was again ready to marry Suhas. Farhan and Raju repeated the tradition of breaking into the wedding and dissuading her. Pia initially assumed that Suhas changed his behavior, but after he again confronted Raju for ironing 'chutnee' (mint sauce) on his 'expensive' coat, she still felt committed to marrying him. Raju continued to dissuade her, even down at the alter. After Suhas and Virus caught him, Raju and Pia fled from the wedding and went onto the car to continue searching for Rancho.

IN 3 IDIOTS 2, HE WILL MAYBE pouring 'chutnee' (mint sauce) on his 'expensive' Jeans, but in the recent teaser trailer, Pia finally agreed that she will be marrying with Jordan and Suhas finally get died in this movie. Suhas will have some last words 'I WILL MEET YOU NEXT TIME UGLY ASS'.

Suhas tandon

Suhas angry with Pia for losing her brand new watch