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Viru Sahastrabudhhe (Student Alias: Virus) was the head of the Imperial College of Engineering. He was mean and cruel, but he learned his lesson after "murdering" 2 students (Joy Lobo and his son). He has two daughters Pia Sahastrabuddhe and Mona Sahastrabuddhe.

Viru sahastrabudhe

Viru was addressed as Virus (computer Virus) by students, perhaps because it was a play to his forename combined with the initials of his surname. At the same time, it could be representative of how he treated his students. He had the strong desire for competition, and continuously believed that "Life is a Race. If you don't run fast, you will get trampled." He tended to exert similar pressure on his students, and emphasized how other people, even his own son tried for years to apply to the Imperial College of Engineering, but still got rejected. He had set aside a plan to provide his Astronaut pen to whom he classifies as the "most extraordinary student" at the end of the year.

Everyday at 2pm, he would power nap in his office for 7.5 minutes with an accompanying opera. His valet Govind would perform unproductive tasks like shaving and nailcutting during the nap perhaps to save time doing it later.

Joy Lobo[]

Joy Lobo was a student passionate about machines, just like Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad. However, Joy Lobo had been distracted from his final project ever since his father had got a stroke. Yet Virus was unforgiving and ungenerous, refusing to provide an extension despite his efforts and personal family struggles. This led to Joy disposing his project. Rancho had agreed to take it over and complete it as a surprise, only to find (via Joy's drone project camera) that he had hanged himself in his room.

Ranchoddas Chanchad[]

Rancho had conflicting relationships with Virus, but was the first to continuously confront and challenge Virus over the unfairness of the education system, and the pressure put on students like Joy. In fact Rancho had openly stated that it was "murder not suicide", and that the pressure murdered Joy. Virus firmly opposed Rancho's criticisms, claiming it is one of the finest colleges in the country and that the education system is absolutely fine. When Rancho continued, stating that the college is more about "competing and getting marks" rather than learning, Virus aggressively pulled Rancho into a classroom to teach "engineering". Rancho had indirectly challenged the education system by writing random words on the board, which people were to define in 30 seconds. Rancho had emphasized that in a strict time limit, there is only pressure and competition instead of curiosity and learning. Virus continued to hold grudges against Rancho, and claimed that he was a bad influence to others' and his friends.

It turned out though that Rancho consistently came first place in his exams. However their relationship turned around after Rancho applied his engineering knowledge to help Virus' daughter Mona deliver her baby. This was a final straw which proved to Virus that Rancho was the most extraordinary student afterall, and was declared as "student of the year," also winning Virus' astronaut pen.

Farhan and Raju[]

Virus continued to ridicule Farhan and Raju for their regular underperformance in their exams (ranking consistently last). Initially, Virus had assumed that Farhan and Raju were badly influenced by Rancho. This was seen initially when Virus wrote letters to Farhan and Raju's parents. Those parents having received the letters, expressed disappointment given their struggling financial situation, even to the extent of having limited food in their house. Finally, Raju had been rusticated from ICE after urinating on Virus' door due to being in a drunken stupor. However, Raju was also given the choice to expel Rancho due to accompanying him, and for generally being a bad influence on Raju. Struggling to make a decision, Raju jumped off Virus' office, putting him in a coma. This had led to Raju's expulsion being cancelled. However, this turned around when Virus manipulated their final exam papers to prevent them from graduating.

Chatur Ramalingam[]

Virus favored Chatur as a student due to his hard work and success. However, things turned around slightly after Chatur presented an inappropriate speech during teachers day after Rancho modified it. But at the end of the film, he was not the "most extraordinary student."